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Interview with Aayushman Regmie: a young Nepali astrologer by Dikshya Koirala August 22, 2020 Kathmandu Tribune

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Whether we admit it or not, astrology is something we all have always had a sneaky interest in. Today we have Dr. Aayushman Regmie, who is a young, brilliant, and very talented astrologer who has completed his Ph.D. in astrology at a very young age. Not only is he a full-time astrologer but also has his own YouTube channel. He is the next big thing in the Nepali astrology community. Here he tells us all about how he stared and what feels about achieving all this:

Astrology is a vast subject. It has been practiced all around the world for ages. Each different practice has its principles and methods. Which scholarship do you follow, and how did your interest in it begin?

True, there are different systems followed all around the world. The one I practice is Modern Vedic Astrology. The Vedic Astrology, also known as the Jyotiśāstra, is attributed to the sage Lagadha which was initially to inform people about the correct time of sacrifice and Yajna, and not necessarily to predict the future. Later Astrologer Varahamihira introduced Modern Vedic Astrology methods, which are followed in today’s time. However, the methods are still a bit different, for example, Indian astrologers, as well as Nepali astrologers both, follow the Vedic Astrology yet the study and practice in Nepal are a bit different than in India.

In a simple understanding, I study and practice Modern Vedic Astrology.

I had a huge family influence. My father has been in this field for almost the past 45 years. Initially, I was interested in literature and had completed my Masters in Literature. Since a very young age, I heard my father talk about Nakshatraand Rashi, however; I was too young to understand its meaning back then. Later on, as I started sitting with my father and sister and started practicing with them, my interest in the subject deepened. I think it initially started because I found the subject very fascinating and I was very curious to learn more about it.

Astrology is currently enjoying a broad cultural acceptance that hasn’t been seen since the nineteen-seventies. The shift began with the advent of the personal computer, accelerated with the Internet, and has reached new speeds through social media. Astrology is something that we all have heard about but knows very little about. According to you, what is astrology?

Yes, different people have a different understanding of astrology. I believe astrology to be a scientific study. In my belief, ancient Rishis /sages are no different than modern scientists today. They had immense knowledge of astronomy, planet positions, and their use in human diseases, human biology, anatomy, and many more. The central idea of astrology is that heavenly bodies — the sun, moon, planets, and constellations — have influence over earthly events, or are correlated. Some people read their horoscopes every day and think it is supposed to be accurate and if it’s not they tend to falsify the discipline as a whole. However, any discipline is not that simple. Discipline is a systematic analysis of structure and behavior by evolution and practice.  Astrology is also a discipline, and it believes in the correlation of celestial placements and structures with terrestrial and human lives, which have rules and interpretations and now a wide literature.

You have a YouTube channel where you talk about astrological services. How has that experience been of starting a YouTube channel related to something that you love? Also, is there any specific reason your content is purely in Nepali?

There is a lot of confusion regarding astrology in the public. I want people to be aware of and understand the subject. There is a lot of misunderstanding and misconception regarding the subject. I want people to see the positive and beneficial side of astrology with correct information. This is my sole reason to start a YouTube channel.

As per the content being in the Nepali language, this is because it is my mother tongue and my client base is also Nepalese. But I honestly don’t have a specific reason.

When should you get your reading done or get an astrologer’s advice?

If someone has confusion regarding their career path, it is a good time to ask instead of being influenced by what others are choosing. Maybe getting a reading done at this time would be a good decision in the long run. I also think getting a reading done at around the age of 10 is a very good time, as one would be able to take early precautions if any need be. I think before getting married is also an important time to get your readings done. There have been instances in my experiences where I have told clients how their first marriage might not go well and they tell me “oh, I have already been divorced”. So I think it’s always better to get your reading done before taking any important decisions. But it is also always okay to go to an astrologer when you feel like getting a reading done.

There have been a lot of cases where we have heard about people claiming that they know a lot about astrology and later cheating the clients. Do you think such acts ruin the name of astrology and underplay its importance?

It has to a great extent. It is very unfortunate. It is as the saying goes, one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. It is very sad and heartbreaking too sometimes when a client comes to us after being cheated and tells us their story. There have been cases when the astrologers have lied to the parents about their child’s reading and extorted money. These incidents not only affect the client’s economical condition but also mental health.

There are also a lot of astrologers in our community who have been doing very good work. For the longest time in our society, there has been this stereotype on how only English-speaking people are educated. Because of this stereotype astrologers are considered illiterate and not classified as an elite. However, Harihar Adhikari is one such astrologer who has debunked this myth. He is one such person who has come on the television and made such a tremendous impact on the stereotype. I am also very grateful to him as he has made an enormous impact and drawn a positive light towards our community. Back in the days when a professional from our community wore a pair of jeans, people would comment on that particular professional.  But Harihar Adhikari is one revolutionary person who changed the perception and questioned the stereotype. This was a great contribution from his side. This shows how goodwill and bad will can make such big differences.

You have completed an MA and Ph.D. in Astrology Science. How was your experience with them? How has it helped you in understanding the subject and working towards the subject?

I pursued my graduation and Ph.D. from India. As I also mentioned earlier, practice in India and Nepal is a bit different. Doing my further studies in the subject has helped me to a great extent, but what I have realized with time is that experiences are what matters the most. I have come to believe that if someone has pursued their studies, for them to excel, it’s very important to work under someone senior for at least 2 years before starting their independent practice. In the initial years, it is very important to learn and gets guidance from someone experienced if you want to excel.

I had read about a person who had partnered with a lingerie brand to produce a zodiac-themed event where customers could use their Venus signs too, in Gordon’s words, “find their styles.” Do you think the corporate world has affected the way people see astrology?

I think zodiac signs attached to any business venture is not a big deal. I don’t find such merchandise problematic.

What I found problematic for example is that I have heard about corporate houses establishing a call center and people with very less knowledge of astrology giving advice to people who call — which is nothing but a fraud the profit-making venture which ruins the name of the profession.

What has been your biggest inspiration, the reason you are here today, and accomplished so much at such a young age

My biggest inspiration, my support system, my teacher, my guide have been my father and my sister. I would be nothing without them today. I am very lucky that I have had them guide me and support me all along. I am also very grateful to them.

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Dikshya Koirala/Kathmandu Tribune

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